• Ketchup and Blood Premiere

    Ketchup and Blood Premiere

    "Ketchup and Blood" (Original Score by Rick Urban) was premiered in Chicago on May 8th. It is the third film that Rick Urban has scored for director Ryan Nanni. It is a dramatic film about black youth who face down a white mob to sit at a segregated lunch counter. The film tells the story of four black college freshman who walk into a Woolworth's lunch counter in Jackson, Mississippi in 1963. Their mission is to defy the sign proclaiming "Whites Only." They are prepared for the worst, but even they are surprised by the brutality of the white community's defense of the racist status quo. The film uses striking visuals to capture the immense struggle of four brave teenagers using non-violent tactics to ultimately promote racial equality and work towards peace. 

    Rick Urban's original score for the film uses glass ketchup and coke bottles to provide a rhythmic pulse for the electronic sounds that accompany the dramatic images on screen.