• Spanish Lake now streaming on Netflix!

    Spanish Lake now streaming on Netflix!

    Spanish Lake (Rick Urban-Music Department) is now available to stream on Netflix! It is a controversial documentary about residents of a small Missouri town and its turbulent history. Rick assisted with the midi programming to help create the score for the film. 

  • Showings of "Dusk" at festivals around the country

    Showings of "Dusk" at festivals around the country

    The feature film "Dusk" (additional music by Rick Urban) is showing at multiple festivals this weekend including the Orlando Film Festival (Sat Oct 24 @9:30pm) and The Flyway Film Festival (Sat Oct 24 7pm). 

    Dusk has been thrilling audiences at festivals all over the country including the Cincinnati Film Festival and the Dances With Films Festival in Los Angeles. 

  • Ketchup and Blood Premiere

    Ketchup and Blood Premiere

    "Ketchup and Blood" (Original Score by Rick Urban) was premiered in Chicago on May 8th. It is the third film that Rick Urban has scored for director Ryan Nanni. It is a dramatic film about black youth who face down a white mob to sit at a segregated lunch counter. The film tells the story of four black college freshman who walk into a Woolworth's lunch counter in Jackson, Mississippi in 1963. Their mission is to defy the sign proclaiming "Whites Only." They are prepared for the worst, but even they are surprised by the brutality of the white community's defense of the racist status quo. The film uses striking visuals to capture the immense struggle of four brave teenagers using non-violent tactics to ultimately promote racial equality and work towards peace. 

    Rick Urban's original score for the film uses glass ketchup and coke bottles to provide a rhythmic pulse for the electronic sounds that accompany the dramatic images on screen. 

  • Review of Jacob's Paradox

    Review of Jacob's Paradox

    Jacob's Paradox (additional music by Rick Urban) has just received a very complimentary review by IndyRed! - 

     "Jacob's Paradox" has it all! Some excellent lensing to compliment the complex (although not overly complex) story presented onscreen; some great post production work and editing... and a very nice audio track. As if that weren't enough, we, the viewers are treated to some top notch character portrayals by the cast of the film... Excellent job pulling a great story to the next level."

    Below is a link to the full review.


  • Dusk Los Angeles Premiere Tonight!

    Dusk Los Angeles Premiere Tonight!

    “Dusk” (Additional Music by Rick Urban) will be making its West Coast Premiere at the                      "Dances With Films Festival" on Monday, June 1st at 9:30 pm. The film will screen at the TCL Chinese Theaters, which is an amazing complex in the heart of Hollywood. 

    Tickets can now be purchased at:

    Information on “Dusk” can be found at www.duskfilm.com

  • Jacob's Paradox Sneak Peak Screening

    Jacob's Paradox Sneak Peak Screening

    Jacob's Paradox (Additional music by Rick Urban) was premiered to a sold out crowd On May 19th In Cincinnati, Ohio. It is a gripping story about Professor of Quantum Physics, Jacob Matthews, being faced with this question: How far would you go to change the past? After suffering the loss of his murdered wife, Sarah, Jacob's life begin to tailspin out of control. Unable to perform his duties, he's asked to take a leave of absence from his position with the University. Soon after, Jacob locks himself in his home, shut off from the outside world. There, in his solitude, he begins a dangerous and maddening journey to go back and save his beloved Sarah. 

    Rick Urban composed music for the score along with composer Jon Brennan. The film was well received and an encore screening was added on the following night! The film was written and directed by Michael Peake.

  • Dusk premiere at the Cleveland International Film Festival

    Dusk premiere at the Cleveland International Film Festival

    The world premiere of "Dusk" was well-received by a huge audience at the 2015 Cleveland International Film Festival. Director Michael Maney and Producer Ryan Lewis answered questions from the audience after the film, along with composers Jon Brennan and Rick Urban. Dusk is an intense psychological thriller that keeps the viewer guessing until the very end. 

  • Dusk Preview Screening

    Dusk Preview Screening

    The new Michael Maney film DUSK (additional music by Rick Urban) was well received by a huge crowd at a preview screening last week. Rick teamed up with composer Jon Brennan to help create the score for this dramatic feature that explores the darkest recesses of the mind through a night of chaos, deceit and paranoia. The film stars John McGlothlin and Julianna Harkavy (Dolphin Tale, The Walking Dead).

  • Spanish Lake Premiere

    Spanish Lake Premiere

    On July 10, Rick attended the premiere of the new documentary Spanish Lake (Rick Urban-Music Dept.) 

    Spanish Lake is a documentary on the rapid economic decline and population turnover in the area of Spanish Lake, Missouri, a post WW2 suburb. The film was well received and has since been added to the curriculum at UCLA! 

  • SCL Mentorship Program

    Rick has been chosen to participate in the Society of Composers and Lyricists Mentorship program for 2014. During the course of the program, he will have the opportunity to interface extensively with film and television composers. On Wednesday March 12, Rick visited the studio of John Rodd. John is an amazing score mixer and recordist. He has worked on such projects as Elysium and The Matrix series.